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Because we believe on the fact that no trip is well accomplished without having culinary experience as apart of and get closer to the food and the cuisine of the country you are discovering.

We invite you to Finest moroccan meal which mix between tradition and modernity in a stylish, relaxed and intimate setting.

Whether you’re a small or big appetite you will be satisfied.

Opening Times

Week days  —  11.00 – 23:00
Saturday —  — 11.00 – 22:00

Book your table for lunch or dinner.


Why us?

Restaurant & Cafe Services

Stunned Coffee

Delicious and pleasant coffee is waiting for you with our cozy cafe, there is any coffee for any gourmet

Delicious Menus

Tender and juicy meat, the freshest ingredients make our burgers uncommon to taste

Pleasant Desserts

The most unusual and tasty desserts from our chefs will not leave you without a sweetie
Happy Clients
Tasty Dishes
Cups of Coffee

Tasty & Cozy

Nagham Menu
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How to find us
Nagham Restaurant & Cafe
49, Place Iscesco Kasbat Boujloud, Derby Mernissi,30000, Fes, Morocco

Reserve a table

If you want to reserve a table for your family or your friends, your are welcome at our restaurant.