Cooking Class

in Fes medina

Because we believe on the facts that everyone has its own desires and interests we made sure to vary our activities so we make the holydays of all our guest complete and rich.

We all agree that many of us adore culinary art and even those who are not enthusiast to do so will undoubtedly, when they taste the Moroccan food, will be wondering what kind of food is this ? what are the ingredients ? how can i make sure to prepare it in my home and surprise my friend and family…

For this reason we giving you the opportunity to learn and master most of Moroccan famous dishes and dive into its secrets, assisted by one of our seasoned chef, who will make sure to get you rid of the skin of a regular tourist and join her in the kitchen.

First you will be taken to the closest market where you be taught how to pick the best and fresh ingredients and use the chance to get closer to the traditional moroccan shopping way.

After done shopping you be accompanied back to the restaurant where you will be introduced to our chef and initiates your culinary experience.

Typically in this class you will learn how to prepare two main dishes and some extra salads but this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to ask about any other thing concerning ingredients flavors and even the equipment used.

The more you interact the more you learn!

Remember! once you done preparing your dish you will have it for your lunch so make sure to focus and listen carefully to our chef instructions to make it perfect as much as possible.

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